UKGI Stewardship Code Report 

UKGI is committed to good stewardship practices and the Financial Reporting Council’s revised 2020 UK Stewardship Code. UKGI became a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code in March 2022, and we are pleased to have been accepted as a signatory for a second year. This refreshed report provides an update on our stewardship activities during 2021/22 and outlines our stewardship priorities going forward.

As with last year, we have concentrated our response on UKGI’s stewardship role as a service provider representing the government’s responsibilities across a portfolio of 22 arm’s length bodies that we provide services for and seven government departments. Our response outlines our stewardship beliefs and approach, and how we strive to meet the needs of government departments and, ultimately, taxpayers and wider society.

Over the year, UKGI’s Corporate Governance and Portfolio Management Programme has continued to embed stewardship best practice across our evolving Portfolio of Assets. Our position as a centre of excellence means we seek continuous improvement in how we deliver this shareholder role, applying learnings across our portfolio. We provide case studies and examples throughout the report to demonstrate our stewardship role and activities under each of the six Principles of the Code.

UKGI Stewardship Code Response

24 February 2023 22 MB