Act as shareholder for, and lead establishment of, UK government arm’s length bodies


UKGI Stewardship Code Report 

The UK Stewardship Code published by the Financial Reporting Council sets high expectations of those investing money on behalf of UK savers and pensioners. UKGI’s report sets out how we meet the Principles for service providers by providing effective stewardship to our portfolio of assets, acting on behalf of Departments. 

UKGI paper on the use of ALBs in government: a view from practitioners

A key part of UKGI’s mission is to support departments across Whitehall to be most effective in their role as shareholders of arm’s length bodies. In this paper, published in 2020, we have drawn on our expertise across both the public and private sectors to identify how, where and why arm’s length bodies are used by government, and to define seven critical success factors for setting up and managing them. The paper is intended to help inform debate across Whitehall and beyond on the effective use of arm’s length bodies for specialised delivery, as well as to share practical know-how and expertise in this area.

Cover page of ALB paper document

Case Studies


The public sector and state owned enterprises, wholly or partially owned, which UKGI works with are: