How to apply

We have designed our selection process to not only give us the chance to understand more about you, but also for you to learn about some of the work we do at UKGI.

At UKGI, we recognise that moving job is difficult decision to make, especially as many of our applicants are moving from the Private Sector into the Public Sector for the first time. We want to make it as straight forward as possible so you know what to expect once you apply to UKGI.

The selection process

A typical application for a position at UKGI will follow the process set out below, but of course can vary from role to role.

The recruitment team will let you know what is expected at each stage as you progress through the process.

The recruitment team are happy to discuss any part of the interview process with you, so do get in touch via [email protected]
  • Finding the right role

    UKGI is continually on the lookout for top candidates from both public and private sector backgrounds. You can see what roles we have available through our vacancies page.

    If there is nothing suitable make sure you sign up for our job alerts so you are notified of new roles, or submit your CV so we can consider you for future opportunities.

    Apply and register online

  • Online Application

    Icon showing documentThis is likely to be the first time we will hear from you, so it is worth taking the time to draft your CV and covering letter ensuring they reflect what we are looking for in the role. Your covering letter should demonstrate how you meet the key skills required of the role and why are you interested in working for UKGI. We would encourage you to familiarise yourself with our values and UKGI’s competency framework when drafting your submission.


  • Screening Call

    Icon showing phoneOnce we have reviewed your application, if we think you have the right skills for the role you have applied for, we will set up a screening call with one of the recruitment team. The call will provide more information about the role and UKGI and give you an opportunity to bring your CV to life. The recruitment team will create a shortlist of applicants from these calls to present to the hiring manager.


  • Behavioural Assessment

    Icon showing surveyWe use a tool called Predictive Index to enable us to better understand what motivates and drives you in the workplace. It is a behavioural tool that, based on your responses to a short questionnaire, will create a profile of how you may typically behave in different situations. The assessment isn’t used to screen you in or out of a process, it is used so we can pick up any points to speak to you about further at interview.  You can request a copy of your report once the recruitment process has concluded.

  • Introductory Call

    Icon showing phoneThis introductory call is an opportunity for you to speak to a UKGI colleague who works in a similar area to you. This call is an opportunity for you to get more of a feel for UKGI, what we do, and understand how your skills may add value to the organisation. It is an opportunity for us to delve deeper into your technical skills and to understand better how you align with our values.
    If you are successful at this stage we will invite you to a panel interview; if not the recruitment team will be happy to share some feedback with you.

  • Panel Interview

    Icon showing panel interviewThe panel interview usually consists of three panel members. Questions will be a mix of technical and competency based and often we ask candidates to prepare a short presentation or case study as part of the interview. If this is the case we will let you know the details as your interview process progresses.

    When answering competency-based questions the STAR method is a helpful way to make sure you are covering all the points we need.

    Situation – Describe the overall situation you were in.
    Task – Tell the interviewer what your responsibilities were, or what tasks were set to you.
    Action – Describe what you did, and how you went about it.
    Result – Finish the example with the outcome of the situation and any feedback you received.

    The panel interview is usually the final stage, however if we need further information from you, or think it would benefit you to speak to someone else at the organisation to understand more about what we do, there may be a final conversation.

  • Outcome

    Icon showing outcomeWhatever the outcome of your interview, you will hear from the recruitment team to let you know whether we are progressing to an offer or not. We appreciate that candidates invest a lot of time in a recruitment process and therefore we will give you feedback.



  • If your application is successful

    Icon showing documentWe are required to carry out security checks before appointment to any role. We’ll keep in touch with you throughout and be on hand to answer any questions.

    You’ll be sent our comprehensive guide which will provide all the information you require about getting set up for your first day and also includes some resources to help get you up to speed. To welcome you to UKGI and help you settle in, we ensure every new joiner is assigned a peer-level buddy and attends a comprehensive induction.