Corporate Finance Profession

The Government Corporate Finance Profession (GCFP) aims to get the best value for the taxpayer by ensuring government has access to high quality corporate finance advice.

Performing the shareholder role for government in its part or wholly-owned businesses
Leading commercial transactions, for example, the sale of government assets
The management of government’s interventions in the private sector
Advice on major government negotiations with corporates

The GCFP is one of the Civil Service Professions, supporting corporate finance professionals through training and career development, so they develop the knowledge and skills they require to carry out their roles.

It does this in a number of ways, including:

  • establishing a formal network of corporate finance professionals working in government
  • offering learning and development opportunities, including technical training
  • promoting corporate finance opportunities available across Whitehall

Message from Mark Russell, Head of the CFP:

“As the Head of the GCFP, one of my priorities is to strengthen the corporate finance skills in government. The GCFP offers learning and development – we are establishing a range of technical training supported by a strong network of professionals. This will support corporate financiers in their work and in the development of their careers, so that the profession continues to offer government a highly skilled capability.”

Career opportunities and professional development

Find out more about Learning and Development as well as the Skills and Knowledge Framework on GOV.UK.

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Further Information is available on the Corporate Finance Profession pages on Civil Service Learning (CSL) website (login required)

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