Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey Limited (OS) is Great Britain’s National Mapping Agency. It collects, maintains and distributes the most accurate and up to date geographic information for Great Britain. The paper maps for which it is perhaps best known only account for a relatively small section of its activities. As the digital economy grows it is increasingly involved in the development of new technologies such as drones, autonomous vehicles and smart cities as well as providing an incubator for new data businesses.

UKGI acts as the shareholder on behalf of the BEIS Secretary of State – there is a small team in UKGI that deals with day to day governance and financial issues and one of our executive directors sits on the OS Board as a Non-Executive Director. Alongside providing core corporate governance and ensuring a robust business plan, UKGI has also been actively involved in working with OS on issues such as:

Vesting OS from a Trading Fund to a Government Company to allow for a more commercial focus and operational flexibility.
Supporting OS’s engagement with government policy on innovation and data such as through the creation of its business incubator.
Working across government to deliver the new Geospatial Commission.