The Royal Mint

UKGI acts as shareholder on behalf of HMT Ministers in relation to Government’s 100% shareholdings in The Royal Mint (TRM).

TRM manufactures all coins used within the UK and a further 20 countries around the world. However, as coin circulation is gradually declining, UKGI has worked closely with TRM and HMT to reset TRM’s objectives and operating freedoms to allow it to broaden its range of activities in a structured manner, into new areas which are all strategically linked to precious metals and British craftsmanship. This includes some entirely new ventures such as the recovery of gold and other precious metals from discarded electronic waste and the introduction of 886, a precious metals jewellery range.

UKGI was centrally involved in the review and subsequent approval process to support the required capital investment which was completed by TRM’s Board, leading on the structure of the review meeting. This input prepared TRM’s team to navigate the further challenge and stress testing required by HMT as shareholder. The collaborative approach with early and regular engagement led to a smooth and efficient passage through shareholder and ministerial approval enabling TRM to make progress on the novel project.