The Royal Mint

UK Government Investments acts as shareholder on behalf of HMT Ministers in relation to Government’s 100% shareholdings in The Royal Mint. The Royal Mint’s primary purpose is to manufacture and distribute coins for the UK, as well as to supply blanks and official medals. Since 2010, They have operated on a fully commercial basis providing goods and services to HMT via the UK Coin contract.

We discharge our role primarily through membership of the Board and certain of its committees, working with HMT and The Royal Mint to better align the governance structure with the government’s objectives for the Mint as well as further developing the medium-term strategy to remain a profitable business despite the long-term decline in cash usage.

With regards to COVID-19, the UKGI team supported The Royal Mint in its options to keep the business open and provided steers on Government support packages that are available. We are pleased to note that The Royal Mint used its engineering expertise to create and manufacture medical visors to help protect frontline care workers in the NHS.